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Admissions Arrangements 2024-25 consultation

The results of the consultation were considered by the Governing Body on 1st February 2023.

The Governors have determined that the admission arrangements for 2024 - 2025 academic year will not include the change to the admissions criteria.

The admissions criteria therefore remain as the following

  1. Looked after children and all previously looked after children, including those children who appear (to the admission authority) to have been in state care outside of England and ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted. Previously looked after children are children who were looked after but ceased to be so because they were adopted(or became subject to a child arrangements orderor special guardianship order

  2. Children of staff employed by Great Western Academy on a permanent, minimum 40% Full Time Equivalent contract for two or more years at the time at which the place applied for would be taken up or who have been recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage

  3. Any child who has a sibling attending Great Western Academy at the same time as he or she is due to be admitted

  4. Other children

The full policy can be found on our Policies page.

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