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We are delighted to attach below,  GWA’s first Ofsted report following the visit from inspectors in early January 2023. 


You will see that the school has been graded as ‘Good’ in all categories. The high aspirations of the school are praised throughout the report, with the “ambitious and broad” curriculum seen as a very positive feature. Students are “respectful and friendly” and “understand staff want them to do well”. The Sixth Form was also praised with the report saying that the teaching at the Academy “encourages Sixth Form students to think deeply”.


These are just a few of the many hugely positive comments in the report. We have waited a long time for this – we should have first been inspected two years ago – so it’s a tonic and affirmation to read that the inspection team were so impressed by what they saw. We hope that you agree and that you can be proud of the fact that your child(ren) attends GWA. It is the combined efforts of staff, students and parents that make the school such a success and I’m delighted the report makes this clear, particularly with reference to the faith shown in the school by parents.


You will see there are just two points for improvement; both of these were already under review prior to the inspection, so we have plans in place to address these. Otherwise the report has almost nothing negative to say - which is great news (and did make us question why some of the judgements were not even better!)


We know we can always strive to improve and that whilst we try hard we don’t get everything right all the time for every student. Be assured we will continue to try to make GWA the very best it can be as we build on the excellent foundation which the report confirms we have put in place.

Ofsted Report - 2023


To access the OFSTED website, click here

If you are an HMI or an Ofsted Inspector, please contact the school for access to the Ofsted Area

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