Gifted & Talented

GWA have established a ‘Talent Programme’, providing a range of opportunities to ensure our most capable students are given chance to flourish and further develop their skills. Students are identified in one or more of four general areas, initially from their KS2 profile but also as they establish themselves at GWA: 

Information is available for parents and students outlining the opportunities on offer for learners who stand out in each of these fields. This includes activities which take place during enrichment time, masterclasses, competitions (within and beyond school), artist in residence opportunities, and signposting to organisations which can further develop talent.

GWA ensures that the academically capable students will be stretched from day one, facilitated by our setting arrangements in core subjects. They are encouraged to aspire to study at top universities or seek prestigious opportunities that allow them to study alongside their work such as those on offer from PWC, KPMG, Bentley and many others. 

Success in any of the fields above will be unashamedly celebrated through our awards system, assemblies, newsletters and the local press. 

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