Staff List 2021-22
Last updated 18-03-2022

Senior Leadership Team

Mr G Davis                                         Principal

Mr D Clarke                                       Vice Principal (Curriculum and Teaching)

Miss K Hughes                                  Senior Assistant Principal (Pastoral Care)

Mr R Greenish                                   Assistant Principal (Curriculum and Progress)

Ms L Winsbury                                  Assistant Principal (Inclusion and Wellbeing)

Mr D Smith                                        Assistant Principal (Head of Sixth Form)

Mrs E Frobisher                                Business Manager

Heads of Houses and Tutor Groups         

Mrs A Hawkins                                                 Head of Aderin House  

Miss R Sparrow                                                KS2-3 Transition Lead  

Miss L Pollard                                                  Tutor – 7A1  

Mrs E Lloyd                                                      Tutor – 7A2  

Miss S Biddles                                                  Tutor – 8A1  

Miss G Cohen                                                   Tutor – 8A2  

Miss C Stevens                                                 Tutor – 9A1  

Miss I Woolford                                               Tutor – 9A2  

Mr C Cook                                                         Tutor – 10A1  

Mrs C Rodway                                                  Tutor – 10A2 

Mr L Carney                                                     Tutor – 12A  

Mrs N Durnin-Duffy                                        Tutor – 13A  

Mrs E Flynn                                                       Head of Peake House  

Miss K Moloney                                                Pastoral Intervention Leader   

Mrs K Clarke                                                     Tutor – 7P1  

Miss I Mercer                                                   Tutor – 7P2  

Miss L Hegarty                                                 Tutor – 8P1  

Miss K Sullivan                                                 Tutor – 8P2  

Mr D Barrington-Wilding                               Tutor – 9P1  

Miss E Bracey                                                  Tutor – 9P2  

Mrs H Alabidi                                                   Tutor – 10P1  

Mr J Cirera / Mrs P Harmer                           Tutor – 10P2  

Miss J Gill                                                          Tutor – 12P  

Mrs S Hodges                                                  Tutor – 13P 

Mr N Holbourn                                                Head of Sharman House  

Mrs E Chequer                                                Pastoral Intervention Leader  

Mr S Moreira                                                   Tutor – 7S1  

Miss S Wrona                                                   Tutor – 7S2  

Mr M Eifler                                                       Tutor – 8S1  

Mrs C Whittenbury                                         Tutor – 8S2  

Mrs R Gleave/ Ms S Wallace                          Tutor – 9S1  

Mrs H Lawrence                                              Tutor – 9S2  

Mr N Withers                                                   Tutor – 10S1  

Mrs H Houghton/ Mrs R Steward                 Tutor – 10S2  

Mrs C Hutchings/ Mrs Gliddon                     Tutor – 12S  

Mrs S Harris/Mrs C Harris                             Tutor – 13S 

Subject Staff

English and Drama

Mrs H Houghton (Head of Department)

Miss C Stevens (Second in Department)

Miss L Hegarty

Mrs R Gleave

Mrs H Lawrence

Mrs E Marshall

Ms S Wallace

Ms L Winsbury


Mr L Carney (Head of Department)

Mrs G Gliddon (Second in Department)

Mr G Davis

Mrs A Hawkins

Mr M Eifler

Mrs L Paull

Miss L Pollard

Mrs R Steward


Mrs C Rodway (Head of Department)

Mr D Barrington-Wilding (KS4 Lead in Science)

Miss J Gill (Physics)

Mrs K Clarke (Biology)

Mr N Holbourn

Mrs C Whittenbury (Physics)


Mr N Withers (Head of Faculty) (History)

Miss S Biddles (History)

Miss E Bracey (Head of Geography)

Mrs L Bradfield (Psychology, Sociology, Law)

Mr D Clarke (History)

Mrs C Harris (Psychology, Sociology, Law)

Mrs S Harris (Head of Social Science)

Miss L Hall (Geography)

Miss K Hughes (RS, Philosophy and Ethics)

Mr D Smith (Business)

Miss K Sullivan (Religious Studies)

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr J C Cirera (Head of Department)

Miss I Woolford (Second in Department)

Miss G Cohen

Mrs N Durnin-Duffy

Mrs E Lloyd


Mr M Stephens (Head of Business and Computing)

Mr R Eveleigh

Physical Education

Mrs H Alabidi (Head of Department)

Mr C Cook

Mrs P Harmer

Mr S Moreira

Performing Arts

Mrs S Hodges (Head of Department)

Mrs C Hutchings

Miss I Mercer

Mrs E Shannon

Art and Design Technology

Mrs H Watts (Head of Department)

Mrs S Cook

Mrs E Flynn

Mr B Rusher

Miss S Wrona

Special Educational Needs

Ms L Winsbury                                  SENDCo

Miss S Wallace                                  Assistant SENDCo

Mrs J Williams                                   Lead Learning Mentor (Cognition and Learning)

Miss O Dickson                                 Learning Mentor (Cognition and Learning)

Mrs A Warmsley                               Learning Mentor (Cognition and Learning)

Miss N Lund                                      Hub Leader (SEMH)

Mrs N Patton                                    Learning Mentor (SEMH)

Mr S Fischer                                      Hub Leader (Communication and Interaction)

Mr D Burnham                                 Learning Mentor (Communication and Interaction)

Mrs C Dean                                       Learning Mentor (Communication and Interaction)

Miss M Price                                     Learning Mentor

Support Staff                                          

Mrs E Chequer                                  Pastoral Intervention Leader

Mrs J Clarke                                       Receptionist and Admin Assistant

Mr P Cronin                                       Caretaker

Mrs S Dunn                                       Finance Manager

Mrs G Edwards                                 Clerk to Governors

Mr W Fox                                            Caretaker

Mrs C Greenwood                            Finance Assistant

Mrs L Hayes                                      Science Technician

Miss S Hingston                                Art and DT Technician

Mrs N Harding-Selman                   Cover Supervisor

Mrs D Horn                                        HR Officer

Mrs J Ikeda                                         Library Manager

Mr I Kenna                                         Exams Officer and Administration Support

Mrs S Lynam                                     Cover Supervisor

Mrs C Lucas                                       Exam Invigilator

Mrs S Marsland                                 Letting and Trips Co-ordinator

Miss R Mathis                                    Projects Officer

Mr N Robertson                                Assistant Premises Manager

Mr D Ross                                           Caretaker

Ms L Shepherd                                  Art and DT Technician

Mrs S Tang                                          Exam Invigilator

Miss B Williams                                 Lead Science Technician

Mrs S Watson                                     Exam Invigilator

Key Roles

Designated Safeguarding Lead: K Hughes                                                                     

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: L Winsbury, G Davis 

Teaching and Learning and CPD Lead: D Clarke 

Pastoral Lead: K Hughes 

Head of Sixth Form: D Smith

Assistant Head of Sixth Form: L Hall

EPQ Co-ordinator: M Stephens

ECF and ITT Lead: C Rodway

Enrichment Co-ordinator: E Lloyd

Lead First Aider: R Sparrow

To contact any member of staff at the school, please email indicating who you would like the email forwarded to.