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Staff List 2023-4
Last updated 13/11/2023


Vice Principal (Curriculum and Teaching)

Vice Principal (Pastoral Care)

Assistant Principal (Curriculum and Progress)

Assistant Principal (Inclusion and Wellbeing)

Assistant Principal (Head of Sixth Form)

Assistant Principal (Teacher Development)

Assistant Principal (Care)

Business Manager

Senior Leadership Team                               

Mr G Davis

Mr D Clarke

Miss K Hughes

Mr R Greenish

Ms L Winsbury

Mr D Smith

Mrs C Rodway

Mrs E Flynn

Mrs E Frobisher

Head of Houses and Tutor Groups

Mr R Wheatley

Miss R Sparrow

Mrs S Barbieri

Miss H Clarke

Mr D Townsend

Mrs S Lynam

Mr A Spencer

Miss L Pollard

Mr A Chick & Miss V Rees

Miss S Biddles

Mr V Barker

Miss C Stevens

Miss I Woolford

Mr S Raval

Dr B Bamford

Mrs N Durnin-Duffy & 

Mrs C Harris

Head of Aderin House

Key Stage 2/3 Transition Lead

Pastoral Intevention Leader

Tutor - 7A1

Tutor - 7A2

Tutor - 8A1

Tutor - 8A2

Tutor - 9A1

Tutor - 9A2

Tutor - 10A1

Tutor - 10A2

Tutor - 11A1

Tutor - 11A2

Tutor - 12A1

Tutor - 12A2

Tutor - 13A

Mr J Friend 

Mrs K Moloney

Mrs H Alabidi & Mrs Ellis  

Mrs P Harmer

Mr B Oyo

Mr R Eveleigh

Mrs K Penberthy

Mrs I Dragutu

Mrs L Hegarty

Mrs H Watts & Mrs A Hawkins

Mr D Barrington-Wilding &

Mrs N Chapman

Miss E Bracey
Mrs S. Bennett &

Ms M Dartnall-Smith
Mr J Cowling



Head of Peake House

Pastoral Intevention Leader

Tutor - 7P1

Tutor - 7P2

Tutor - 8P1

Tutor - 8P2

Tutor - 9P1

Tutor - 9P2

Tutor - 10P1

Tutor - 10P2

Tutor - 11P1


Tutor - 11P2

Tutor - 12P1


Tutor - 13P

Mrs E Lloyd  

Mrs M Broughton

Mrs N Harding-Selman &

Mrs Townsend

Mr B Simpson

Mr S Wells

Mrs E Marshall & Mr I Miah

Mr S Moreira & Mrs L Bradfield  

Miss S Wrona

Mrs N Darko 

Mrs C Whittenbury

Miss J Gill & Mrs J Hyde

Mrs H Lawrence   

Mrs C Hutchings &

Mrs E Shannon              

Miss B Earlam & Mrs F Haywood

Mrs S Harris & Mrs S Hannaford


Mrs R Steward

Head of Sharman House

Pastoral Intervention Leader

Tutor - 7S1


Tutor - 7S2

Tutor - 8S1

Tutor - 8S2

Tutor - 9S1

Tutor - 9S2

Tutor - 10S1

Tutor - 10S2

Tutor - 11S1

Tutor - 11S2

Tutor - 12S1

Tutor - 12S2

Tutor - 13S

Key Stage 4/5 Transition Leader

Subject Staff


Mrs H Houghton (Head of Faculty)

Mrs L Hegarty

Mrs H Lawrence

Mrs E Marshall

Mr B Oyo

Miss C Stevens 

Ms L Townsend

Mr R Wheatley

Ms L Winsbury


Mr C Coombs (Head of Faculty)

Mr G Davis

Mr R Eveleigh

Mr R Greenish

Mrs A Hawkins

Mrs K Penberthy

Miss L Pollard

Mr S Raval

Mrs R Steward

Mr D Townsend


Mr D Barrington-Wilding (Head of Faculty)

Dr B Bamford (Chemistry)

Miss H Clarke 

Ms B Earlam 

Mr J Friend (Biology)

Miss J Gill (Physics)

Mr R Greenish (Physics)

Mrs F Haywood (Biology)

Mrs C Rodway (Biology)

Mr A Spencer (Biology)

Mrs C Whittenbury (Chemistry) 


Mr N Withers (Head of Faculty) (History)

Miss S Biddles (History)

Mrs S Bennett (Criminology)

Miss E Bracey (Head of Geography)

Mrs L Bradfield (PSHE and Philosophy and Religion)

Ms M Dartnall-Smith (Law)

Mrs N Chapman (Philosophy and Religion, ASDAN, PSHE)

Mr A Chick (Psychology, PSHE)

Mr D Clarke (History, Politics)

Mrs S Hannaford (Psychology)

Mrs C Harris 

Mrs S Harris (Head of Social Science)

Miss L Hall (Geography)

Miss K Hughes (Philosophy and Religion)

Miss K Sullivan (Philosophy and Religion)

Ms S Wallace (History)

Mr A Weston (Geography)

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr J C Cirera-Wonnacott (Head of Faculty)

Miss G Cohen

Mrs N Durnin-Duffy

Mrs E Lloyd

Miss I Woolford

Mrs K White (Polish Tutor)

Business, Computing and Economics

Mr S Wells (Head of Faculty)

Miss A Ellis (Computing)

Mr R Eveleigh (Computing)

Mrs S Lynam (Business)

Miss V Rees (Business)

Mr D Smith (Business)

Art & Design Technology

Mrs H Watts (Head of Faculty)

Mr J Cowling 

Mrs N Darko

Mrs E Flynn

Miss S Wrona

Performing Arts

Ms S Hodges (Head of Faculty, Drama)
Mr V Barker (Drama)

Mrs I Dragutu (Dance)

Mrs C Hutchings (Music) (Acting Head of Faculty)

Mrs E Shannon (Music)

Miss C Stevens (Drama)

Physical Education

Mrs H Alabidi (Head of Faculty)

Mrs P Harmer

Mrs N Harding-Selman

Mr S Moreira

Mrs K Penberthy

Mr B Simpson

Mr D Townsend

Special Educational Needs

Miss S Wallace

Mrs C Wood                                  

Mr P McCulloch

Mr D Burnham

Miss J Hyde     

Mrs I Elwick

Mrs A Walmsley

Miss O Dickson

Mrs C Dean

Miss H Gordon

Miss N Patton

Mr D Bryant

Mrs S Singh

Mrs I Sooriya


SEND Admin Assistant                               

Hub Leader (Cognition and Learning) 

Learning Mentor                                

Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor

Hub Leader (Communication and Interaction)

Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor

Hub Leader (Social, Emotional and Mental Health)

Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor

Support Staff                                          

Mrs N Harding-Selman

Miss J Hyde

Mrs R Kaur

Mr I Miah

Mrs S Priya

Cover Supervisor

Cover Supervisor

Cover Supervisor

Cover Supervisor

Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Bright

Mrs S Dunn

Mrs C Greenwood

Mrs D Horn

Mr I Kenna

Mrs S King

Mrs S Marsland

Miss R Mathis

Miss D Randall

Mrs S Turner

SLT Admin Assistant

Finance Manager

Finance Assistant

HR Officer

Examinations Officer


Trips Co-ordinator

Projects Officer and Enrichment Co-ordinator

Attendance Officer


Mrs J Blunden

Mrs E Grabowska-Reilly

Miss L Hayes

Mrs J Cockcroft

Mrs O Kulakovska

Technician (Art and Design)

Technician (Science)

Lead Technician (Science)


Technician (Art and Design)

Mr N Robertson

Mr L Bott

Mr P Cronin

Assistant Premises Manager



Key Roles

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Miss K Hughes                                                                     

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Ms L Winsbury, Mr G Davis 

Teaching and Learning and CPD Lead: Mr D Clarke 

Pastoral Lead: Miss K Hughes 

Head of Sixth Form: Mr D Smith

Assistant Heads of Sixth Form: Ms L Hall and Mr A Weston

Sixth Form Pastoral Assistant: Mrs L Matthews

EPQ Co-ordinator: Mrs E Marshall

ECF and ITT Lead: Mrs C Rodway

Enrichment Co-ordinator: Miss R Mathis

Lead First Aider: Mrs S Bright

Clerk to Governrs: Mrs K Jolly

To contact any member of staff at the school, please email indicating who you would like the email forwarded to.
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