Parents' Evening

Parents’ evenings provide the opportunity for teachers and parents to discuss student progress, reasons for celebration and targets for improvement. In Year 7 there are two consultation opportunities, one with the tutor after the first term to address how students have settled, and one in term 4 with subject teachers focusing on subject specific progress.  In addition, in July, there is a third opportunity for the school to invite specific parents to discuss targeted provision for students where there are concerns over progress.

Parents’ evenings can also be a good opportunity to speak with the whole parent body at once, or to convey key information on paper/via the digital displays around the school. When appropriate we will slot in a whole group talk in the middle of the evening led by SLT or key staff, allowing parents to attend the rest of their appointments before or after the talk – and affording class teachers a short break during the evening.  We will also run Parent Information Evenings on specific topics as and when required.


Information about parents evening appointments will be visible on My Child at School at the appropriate time.