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We absolutely believe that education extends beyond the immediate classroom and that a school is a richer place for the many enrichment activities it can offer, both to students and to the local community. Students will develop wider aspects of their personality and support their future interests through our offer.

The main GWA enrichment programme runs from 3.15 to 4.15pm Tuesdays to Thursdays and is a fundamental part of what makes us exceptional. Activities will be run by a combination of staff, students, community and other external providers.

Other enrichment activities will also take place outside this time, such as educational visits, lunchtime clubs, and evening events on-site.

A programme of House competitions, scheduled during the year, will bring students together in enrichment activities and, in time, will afford many opportunities for students to work across age-groups, particularly with 6th form students leading younger students. Events will include but not be limited to sports, performing arts, business competition, public speaking, chess and cooking. 

As GWA has grown, national schemes, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and Sports Leadership have been incorporated into our programme.

We will engage fully with local competitions against other Swindon schools in sport and other activities, and we will collaborate with them on town-wide projects. We will also ensure that we signpost talented GWA students to local clubs or community groups who can develop their skills further.


Below is the current enrichment programme which includes everything from music and performing arts, sports, debating and wonderful computer courses!

Please see below the activities available for April to July 2024

Click here to download our enrichment brochure for Block 3

Enrichment Poster Block 3 2023-24_Page_1.jpg
Enrichment Poster Block 3 2023-24_Page_2.jpg
Enrichment Poster Block 3 2023-24_Page_3.jpg
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