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Great Western Academy

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Situated in Tadpole Garden Village, Great Western Academy opened in September 2018 and our Sixth Form opened September 2019.  We are fortunate to have a brand new building with fantastic facilities. This provides truly excellent opportunities for the students who learn with us and for the whole community of North Swindon.

Our vision centres on the three core principles of Achievement, Care and Excellence (ACE) and learners are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to create an exceptional Academy that radically improves our students’ career chances. We want every learner to do well enough to go on to university or pursue a fruitful career via an apprenticeship or other training route. 

Since their careers will include many different roles, some of which have not yet been invented, the adults of tomorrow need to be independent thinkers, creative problem solvers and adaptable, lifelong learners. Alongside a first-rate academic curriculum, at GWA we will teach, nurture and develop the enterprise skills valued by employers and higher education providers alike to enable our students to thrive as active citizens of the 21st Century world, full of initiative and humble confidence.

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